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Bedford has been changing the lives of people with disability for over 70 years by building capacity, independence and well-being. We are the second largest employer for people with a disability in Australia particularly across four key areas – Hospitality, Packaging, Manufacturing and Landscaping.

We offer exceptional tailored services to meet individual goals, in the workplace and community. We build healthy relationships, foster skills to last a lifetime, and pride ourselves on providing hands-on support. Above all, we promote individual choice and control to empower people with disability to live fulfilled and happy lives.

By supporting Bedford, you really are changing the lives of people living with disability by helping individuals reach their life goals, whether that’s learning to cook or drive or to live independently or get a job – just like you and me.

Every fundraising dollar we receive goes back into our organisation to help the 1,500 clients and employees that access our holistic range of services every day.