Legacy Club of South Australia & Broken Hill

Legacy is a unique Australian voluntary charity, an organisation dedicated to enhancing the lives of ‘The Families’ of our Australian Defence Force Veterans, so that ‘the family’ of those who gave their life, or their health, as a result of serving our country, never suffer financial or social disadvantage.

Legacy protects the basic needs of individuals and families; advocates for entitlements, rights and benefits of individuals and families; assists families to cope with bereavement and helps people thrive, despite their adversity and loss. Legacy provides a range of social activities, services and support such as holiday respite, home maintenance, assistance with utility bills, advice and assistance with claiming pensions and other Government benefits, financial counselling, legal advice, advocacy and, sometimes crucially, just putting food on the table. 

We reinforce the promise made by a WWI Veteran to his dying mate “to look after the missus and the kids”.  Today, Legacy’s caring and compassionate service assists over 5,000 widow(er)s, 81 children and 71 dependants with a disability across South Australia & Broken Hill.

For each serving Australian who risks everything, a family does the same.

Legacy, is here for LIFE!

To develop their personal values of self-esteem, motivation, leadership.

Legacy Club of South Australia & Broken Hill