Supported Charities

Arthritis SA Logo

Arthritis SA - provides services, advice and information to people with a wide range of musculo-skeletal conditions including arthritis, osteoporosis, lupus, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, juvenile arthritis and many others. It also supports research into causes and treatments for these conditions.

Cara Inc Logo

Cara is one of South Australia’s largest disability services providers.

Working with more than 650 children and adults with disability, Cara employs more than 730 staff and is grateful for the support of more than 100 volunteers.

Cara operates all over South Australia including in Adelaide, Mt Barker, Murray Bridge, Mt Gambier, Kadina, Port Augusta, Port Pirie and Port Lincoln and surrounding areas.

Cara provides support to empower people for greater independence.

Childhood Cancer Association
Childhood Cancer Association Logo

Each year in South Australia, an average of more than 60 children are newly diagnosed with cancer.  In addition to this, an average of 12 children relapse every year, and sadly 10 children pass away.  The Childhood Cancer Association provides professional, tailored support to meet the needs of every individual family; from diagnosis, throughout treatment and for as long as support is needed.

Eye Play Sport Logo

Eye Play Sport (formerly The Blind Sporting Council) is an independent, community-profit organisation providing blind or vision impaired Australians with the opportunity to participate in sport.

Through providing grants, Eye Play Sport ensures that recreation and sporting opportunities are accessible to the approximately 35,000 South Australians living with blindness, impaired vision and other serious visual disturbances.  

Eye Play Sport also runs sports workshops, gym training and art therapy classes to address issues such as obesity, co-ordination, social skills and depression for children and young adults who are blind or vision impaired.

Grow (SA Branch)
Grow (SA Branch) Logo

Grow have been leaders in supporting mental wellness since 1957. We take a peer approach to mental wellness and deliver programs that use the lived experience of others for prevention and resilience as well as recovery. Every person intrinsically has self-worth. Some have trouble seeing it. Our programs give them the opportunity to understand their own worth and to give that opportunity to others as well. We are passionate about changing the way people think about mental health.

Legacy Adelaide
Legacy Adelaide Logo

Legacy is a unique Australian voluntary organisation dedicated to enhancing the lives of the families of Australian Defence Force Veterans who have served in war, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions and who have died or become incapacitated either whilst in service or subsequently.

Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA
Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA Logo

The Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA (MND SA) provides information, education and support to all South Australians whose lives are affected by Motor Neurone Disease – a terminal disease for which there is currently no effective treatment.  MND SA offers education and information to those affected by the disease as well as to health professionals.  In addition MND SA has equipment to help with mobility and communication and promotes research towards treatment and finding a cure for Motor Neurone Disease.

Orana Logo

Orana creates opportunities for people with disability to live and work within their local community, fulfil their dreams and become valued and productive community members.

Orana currently provides employment, housing, respite and life skills support to over 650 South Australians living with disability.

Phoenix Society Inc
Phoenix Society Inc Logo

Phoenix Society provides employment and training opportunities for people with an intellectual and/or physical disability.

SIDS & Kids SA
SIDS & Kids SA Logo

SIDS and Kids SA provides Safe Sleep programs to new parents, carers, childcare workers and health professionals, educating them with the latest research based recommendations for creating a safe sleep environment to reduce the risk of SIDS. SIDS and Kids SA also provides free bereavement counselling to anyone affected by the sudden death of a child from conception to 6 years of age for ANY reason.

Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) Inc
Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) Inc Logo

Southern Cross Care provides an extensive range of residential retirement accommodation and care related services, such as in-home care and rehabilitation, for all older South Australians.

Special Olympics Logo

Special Olympics is a volunteer based organisation committed to empowering individuals with an intellectual disability to become physically fit and healthy and productive, respected members of their community through weekly sports training and competition, health promotions and leadership programs.

The Mary Potter Foundation
The Mary Potter Foundation Logo

Mary Potter Care is made possible for hundreds of South Australians every year through gifts to The Mary Potter Foundation.  Largely focusing on the Mary Potter Hospice, support for the Foundation will ensure that each person experiences facilities and care which is comfortable, individual and meaningful.  It is about the very best care when it matters most.  It is about living every day, every hour.