South Australian Humane Animal Rescue Association

South Australian Humane Animal Rescue Association (SAHARA) is a registered not-for-profit organisation with a no-kill approach to rescue. This means: no euthanasia for space, high-medical costs or unnecessary deaths in any way.

SAHARA takes in the ill, injured, seniors and animals on Death Row that are often overlooked, even by other rescues and shelters; as in the heart of every stray, lies the single desire to be loved.

In early 2019, SAHARA was rebranded from SA Dog Rescue, to encompass our belief that all animals, not just dogs and cats, deserve a second chance at life. Over the years, SAHARA has rescued and rehabilitated a range of animals including horses, lambs, pigs, alpacas, calves, goats, rabbits, joeys, snakes, chickens, to name a few.

Animals come into our care for a variety of reasons. Typically, SAHARA rescues dogs from Death Row at high-kill facilities, takes in stray or unclaimed animals and rehomes private surrender animals, i.e. relationship breakdowns, moving to a new house that will not accept pets, elderly people being moved into to a nursing home.

SAHARA also provides temporary/emergency housing for victims of domestic violence and homelessness and provides care at our own expense. In some instances, these animals become available for adoption.

SAHARA relies on word of mouth, its Facebook page and this website to connect and rehome its animals. SAHARA does not receive any Government funding instead relies on its fundraising efforts and the big hearts of its volunteers

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