Treasure Boxes

Treasure Boxes is a South Australian not-for-profit children’s charity. We provide vital essentials to newborns, babies and children living in disadvantage within our community.

Every baby, child and parent deserves to have access to good quality nursery equipment and essential items to allow them to thrive and help keep them safe during time of severe disadvantage.

Through gifting essential children’s goods to families at risk of poverty, homelessness and domestic violence, we alleviate severe hardship, financial burden, reduce the risk of poverty and homelessness, ease trauma and provide hope to those most vulnerable.

We are an environmentally conscious organisation that actively promotes sustainability ensuring valuable, high-quality resources don’t go to waste.  

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The 2021 TelethonSA Melisi Projects Home Lottery at The Square at Woodville West
Book of 6 tickets (Includes free bonus ticket)
$ 50.00 x Qty $ 
Individual tickets
$ 10.00 x Qty $ 

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