About Us

Telethon Inc is a South Australian not-for-profit organisation which has supported South Australian charities since 1960.

Initially supporting just one charity through an on-air appeal, several through a "Miss Telethon" quest and a competition known as "The House of Hope", TelethonSA today supports up to 20 not-for-profit organisations annually. These organisations are large and small charities which often receive little or no other support.

Today TelethonSA is no longer able to provide the same program of events that we once did. Society's viewing & fundraising habits have changed, there are far more Charities competing for each dollar and sponsors & supporters move on to try new ways of marketing their businesses to keep up with changing trends.

Providing the fully managed project, the annual Home and Land Lottery in which charities can participate to raise funds, with no financial risk, TelethonSA is unique in South Australia and possibly Australia. TelethonSA was the first South Australian not-for-profit to offer a Home and Land Lottery in the state.

In addition through the "Spirit of South Australia" unit, TelethonSA provides one-off grants to individuals, families and groups. To date funds raised from a program of special events and projects have provided grants for such things as:

  • computers for children living with cancer;
  • assistance to set up a literacy and numeracy program for people with intellectual disabilities;
  • equipment for people living with Motor Neurone disease;
  • camps for children who are disadvantaged and/or have suffered abuse;
  • financial assistance for a child living with Cerebral Palsy to undergo specialised surgery in America;
  • support for families travelling interstate for their child's life-saving heart surgery.

Telethon SA endorses and supports ethical fundraising.

Our office is now permanently closed, however our emails are monitored please contact us by email at telethonsa@telethon.com.au

TelethonSA is forever grateful to all those sponsors, supporters and the South Australian public for their generosity over our 60-year journey.