Arthritis SA

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The Arthritis Foundation of South Australia, is a non-profit community health organisation established in 1975 and committed to improve the quality of life of the over 300,000 South Australians living with arthritis and the over 100 related conditions.

Our work is based on three areas: Education & Support, Research and Advocacy.

One of our ongoing support projects is the Arthritis Helpline.
For over 20 years our team of specialist Arthritis Educators are available to answer questions, provide helpful information and offer emotional support when it is needed most.

The Arthritis Foundation also fund five annual “Kidsflix” movie events in South Australia where we invite up to 500 children with Arthritis and special needs to enjoy a current blockbuster with their carer or family.

Vision Statement

To improve the quality of life of people with arthritis and related conditions.


Arthritis SA