The Mary Potter Foundation

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Our mission at The Mary Potter Foundation is to inspire others to share our belief that caring for people at the end of their lives is an honour and a privilege. As such, we exist to support Mary Potter Hospice in its provision of loving, compassionate, meaningful and individual care to patients and families. This is ‘Mary Potter Care’, centred around making sure our patients live their best possible day - every hour, every day. None of this would be possible without our donors.

The Mary Potter Foundation exists to financially support Mary Potter Hospice in its specialised – and often unexpected – care of patients and families who spend time there.  Hundreds in our community will turn to the Hospice for their end-of-life care in the next year - and even as you read this, there is at least one family today hearing the words: ‘It’s time to go to Mary Potter’. The Hospice team will be waiting to look after them and provide loving care – care that embraces the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of each person. It is about focusing on the quality of life for each person and their family. We can’t change the outcome, but we can change the experience.

‘Mary Potter Care’ comes in many different forms.

It is the specialised medical team of caring doctors and devoted nurses - as well as family counsellors, other allied health professionals and dedicated volunteers. It is a family member being able to stay comfortably overnight with a loved one. It is having a toasted sandwich and cappuccino any time of the day or night from the well-stocked Family Kitchen. It is having a relaxing facial, massage, manicure or some reflexology. It is art therapy, puzzles, pet therapy and music therapy that help alleviate anxiety, restore calm and inspire creativity. It is the surprise of special meal & drink treats when families least expect it.

It is being asked ‘what is important to you?’ - and our donors facilitating that unexpected moment of joy.

As well as financially supporting the Mary Potter Hospice, the Foundation raises funds for a unique cancer support program aligned with North Adelaide Oncology. This program is called RESTORE - a cancer wellness program for patients undergoing cancer treatment in Kimberley House (at Calvary Hospital).  This program is run completely by donations - without which, patients undergoing cancer treatment could not access free services such as educational workshops, acupuncture, massage and reflexology.

The Mary Potter Foundation