VIEW Clubs South Australia (part of The Smith Family)

VIEW is a national women's organisation with 15,000 members in more than 300 communities who exclusively support the children’s education charity, The Smith Family. Members sponsor students, volunteer, fundraise and advocate to help improve the life outcomes of Australian children and young people living in poverty. 

VIEW is The Smith Family's largest community sponsor of Learning for Life students. Members support the educational outcomes of more than 1,400 disadvantaged children and young people. Through its connection with The Smith Family, VIEW is proud to enable better futures for young Australians.

VIEW’s supportive network helps women build lasting friendships, empowered and connected by the common purpose to support The Smith Family and make a difference to disadvantaged Australian children and young people.

Community and national activities organised by VIEW raise vital funds for The Smith Family.

VIEW Clubs of Australia, a part of The Smith Family